Dyker Heights holiday lights enrich and frustrate

Dyker Heights in Brooklyn is famous for its over-the-top holiday displays. The neighborhood has already started to set up for the season. While it attracts crowds from all over the world, it also brings in a lot of traffic.

Dyker Heights holiday displays appeal to every age. Visitors stopped to admire an eyeful on 84th Street. Many Dyker Heights homeowners light up the night and the season by decorating the front lawn with elaborate Christmas displays.

But not everyone loves the attention this decades-long tradition brings to this Brooklyn neighborhood. Many residents put up with weeks of blocked roads and unwanted traffic and congestion. Others have come to accept the ritual and what it brings with it.

This year again New York City police tried to ease the flow of traffic, especially from the tour buses that come through with hundreds of visitors. Police put up signs designating special parking spots on 86th Street for tour buses only, limiting parking for local residents from 3 p.m. to midnight until the new year.