Dyker Heights Christmas light display returns

The world-famous Christmas lights of Dyker Heights represent the epitome of the Christmas spirit for many visitors to the Brooklyn neighborhood. 

It’s a dream lived out for more than 4 decades for Frank Fogliano.

"Came as a kid. As a matter of fact, all of my aunts wouldn’t do their house. They’d let me do it from a little kid," said Fogliano, a neighborhood homeowner.  

Around Halloween, Fogliano says he gets started transforming Autumn’s atmosphere in his yard into his own version of a Winter Wonderland with the help of James Bonavita, the owner of B&R Christmas Decorators.

"This is one of my favorite houses yeah," Bonavita told FOX 5 about the dazzling display of lights at Fogliano's home. "This is one of the best. This is like Emerald City, it’s gorgeous." 

After more than 3 decades in business, B&R lights up more than 90 homes and businesses in Dyker Heights for the holidays every year. Each house has its own character and theme that neighbors from far and wide come and experience. 

"I just feel good. I enjoy people here. I enjoy people enjoying it. The kids love it. I mean they’re here. It’s great," said Fogliano.

For Fogliano, the lights remind him of what he loves about the holidays, the one time of the year when the lights give off a little more than light and last a lifetime.

"I love it because I see so many people when you see the kids and the people from around the world coming, they’re all in awe. And sometimes I say I can’t believe we did it, but it all comes together when you see smiling faces and people enjoying it," added Bonavita.

According to Bonavita, homeowners on the lower end can spend about $1,000 for set up, take down, and insurance, but says his clients can have a Christmas display as elaborate as they desire for more.

Fogliano buys in, saying the memories of the holidays they create are worth every penny.

"There are not enough good things in this world so whenever it is you’ve gotta really grab it," Fogliano added.