Duo ballroom dances several times a week in empty high school parking lot

Two to three nights a week in an empty parking lot outside of Moorestown High School you can find Sheldon Boruchow and Norma Shepperd in PPE dancing like nobody’s watching.

"I used to be out seven nights a week, group lessons but everything shut down because of the pandemic," Sheldon said. "I reached a point I said this is ridiculous I can’t go on like this I have to start again so we did and it’s fun."

Sheldon says he started dancing by accident 25 years ago with his wife.  She passed away three years ago. Now, he’s trying to recreate their old dances with his new dance partner and friend Norma. 


Both are committed to dancing their way through quarantine. Norma even ordered special soles for her shoes to make twirling on concrete possible. Dance nights are like a mini escape to keep Sheldon and Norma where they want to be physically and mentally in the swing of things.


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