Drunk, naked man found inside pipe organ

A man was found drunk and naked inside a historic $1 million pipe organ in Australia after a wild night of drinking.  The damage to the organ may be too much to repair.

Glenn Langford was arrested this week at the Brisbane Masonic Memorial Centre.  He also had a remote controlled police car and a toy gun with him in the organ.

Along with the damage to the organ, he allegedly destroyed part of a decorative wall in the historic building.

The 51-year-old was granted bail after appearing in Brisbane Arrest Court on Thursday.  He said his intentions were initially well-meaning.  He said he had cheeseburgers he wanted to hand out to the homeless but he told a local media outlet that the night went downhill after drinking an entire bottle of Johnny Walker whiskey.

Langford said, "I'm going to see a shrink and don't drink."