Dr. Oz's coronavirus survival protocol

TV host and cardiologist Dr. Mehmet Oz wants to reassure the public that while coronavirus is extraordinarily contagious, there is no reason to panic.

 "The good news is that 80 percent of the people who get the coronavirus probably won't even realize they are sick or have such a mild illness that they wouldn't even think about it in the same phrase," said Dr. Oz during FOX 5 NY morning program, 'Good Day New York.'

The group of people most at risk are those over the age of 60 especially if they have a chronic illness like cardiovascular disease, problems with their lungs or compromised immune systems.

Some facts to keep in mind: 

  • 1 in 1,000 people die from the seasonal flu per year; that's 50,000 people a year
  • With coronavirus, 2 in 1,000 (young and healthy people) will die 
  • No one under the age of 10 has died from coronavirus
  • People 60 and over who become infected with coronavirus have a mortality rate of 4 percent. That percentage doubles every decade.

"That's the population we want to protect. Keep them isolated. Keep them out of crowds. Keep the arm's-length rule. No bingo in nursing homes," said Dr. Oz.

Here is Dr. Oz's coronavirus survival protocol:


Get enough sleep

>7 hours per night

Exercise regularly

Aim for 30 minutes every other day

Improve your air quality

Viruses dislike humid air so use humidifier

HEPA filters decrease the number of virus particles in the air


May support immune system


Handshakes are cancelled

Handshaking transfers 10x more germs than fist bumping

Embrace the power of the good head nod

Eliminate Face Touching

Coronaviruses typically live for over a week on many surfaces

Fingers transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth dozens of times per hour

Triple your handwashing time

Only 5 percent of us wash our hands with soap and water for 20 seconds

Use hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol

Disinfect surfaces

Use disinfectant sprays instead of wipes, which can spread germs from one surface to another

Let the surface remain wet for 3 minutes prior to drying


Have a two-week supply of essential items, including:

Household supplies

Toilet paper, soap, detergent


Try for shelf-stable pantry goods and freezer-friendly items


Prescription and O.T.C.


Start Now:

Eat your fruits and vegetables

Eating leafy greens and fruits high in vitamins like citruses, blackberries, and kiwi provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals

Vitamin D3

1200 IU Daily

Get the flu shot

To avoid confusing seasonal flu with COVID-19

If You’re Sick:


800 mg daily

Vitamin C

250 mg twice daily


250 mg daily


Syrup or lozenges four times a day for 5 days

"It's going to be on our planet for the foreseeable future because it is so contagious. We are going to get a vaccine. It's at least a year away. We need to buy time as individuals to give scientists and the health care system chances to make these vaccines and to help upgrade our facilities to take care of people sick with COVID-19. We can do it."

"Just because it's endemic doesn't mean we can defeat this. In our psyche, there is a deep fear about infections because historically they've been a problem. Like the bubonic plauge when a quarter of the population gets wiped out. It wasn't a good time to be alive. This isn't that virus. This is a warning virus," added Dr. Oz.