Doze off at Nap York for a break from the rat race

New York, New York—the city so nice they named it twice. But things move fast. And moving at such a fast pace can get pretty stressful. Sometimes you need to take a break or better yet a nap.

Enter Nap York, a wellness club considered a tranquil oasis in the middle of an urban jungle. Located on 7th Avenue at 36th Street, it is close enough to Penn Station for commuters and perfect for anyone looking to recharge and unwind.

Marketing director Stacy Veloric says Nap York is open 24 hours a day and you pay per half-hour, so you can nap as long as you want, whenever you want.

As soon as you walk into Nap York, you're in the quiet cafe. You place your order on an iPad and the food comes out on a conveyor belt, so you don't have to speak to anyone.

Nap York has four floors.

You'll find the deluxe napping pods on the third floor. Each pod has twinkling ceiling lights, outlets, USB ports, and blackout drapes.

The fourth floor has bunk bed pods. These are $10 per half hour.

On the roof, you'll find another type of relaxation—hammocks. You can snooze, read, or just soak up the sun.