Donation-based yoga studio on Long Island

A donation-based yoga center where practitioners pay what they can afford is said to be a new concept on Long Island. It stands in stark contrast to the centuries' old practice of yoga.

Milard Roper, the owner of The Funky OM, decided to convert one of his newer locations using this concept after hearing about success in other cities. He said it is a way to share the joy and relaxation that he found in yoga 20 years ago.

"I think a lot of people aren't trying yoga of the price on it," he said. "This will take away that excuse so maybe it'll get people in the door to try."

A class typically costs $25. But here the suggested donation of $10 or whatever you can afford allows you to experience yoga.

"I'm lucky I can afford to come and contribute to my own fitness goals and that I'd be happy to contribute so someone else can enjoy the relaxation and all benefits that yoga has to offer," said one student.

Community 400 is open seven days a week and will offer two to four various styles of yoga each day. Since Roper switched to the donation-based studio, he has noticed a steady flow of familiar faces as well as some new friends.

Instructor Dina Pinelli said this is about coming together to achieve your goal.

"I'm so blessed to be able to teach here and have the opportunity to give this opportunity to other people because yoga has done so much for me personally I want others to feel it, too," Pinelli said.

They are sharing a passion and spreading peace of mind and spirit.


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