Minnesota Supreme Court dismisses case on Donald Trump’s ballot eligibility

The Minnesota Supreme Court issued its order to dismiss the case on the bipartisan constitutional challenge of former President Donald Trump’s status on the 2024 ballot. 

The state Supreme Court dismissed the petition without prejudice for the primary election "as not to impair the orderly election process." However, it's possible that a challenge could be re-filed for the general election. 

"We conclude that petitioners have standing and that their claims are ripe as to the issue of whether former President Trump should be excluded from the 2024 Republican presidential nomination primary. We reach a different conclusion regarding petitioners’ claim that it would be error for the Secretary of State to place former President Trump’s name on the ballot for the 2024 general election ballot. That claim is neither ripe, nor is it ‘about to occur’ as section 204B.44(a) requires," the court document reads. 

The court explained there is no state statute that prevents a major political party from putting a candidate on the presidential primary ballot or sending delegates to the national convention to support a candidate who is not qualified to hold office. Therefore, "there is no error to correct here" and the petition is dismissed without prejudice. 

The lawsuit was filed in September to block Trump from the 2024 primary and general election ballots in Minnesota based on the 14th Amendment which bans those who engaged in insurrection against America from running for president.

The lawsuit went directly to the state Supreme Court, and five of the seven justices heard oral arguments after two of the justices recused themselves. Minnesota is among other states where similar lawsuits have been filed. 

View the full order below:

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