Donald Trump hits back after Daily News calls supporters 'mindless zombies'

Donald Trump is calling the Daily News "a totally failing paper" in response to the cover this morning that called him a "clown" and the voters that propelled him to a win in the New Hampshire primary as "mindless zombies".

Trump made the comment this monring on Fox and Friends and said the paper repeatedly attempts to capitalize on his name.

“Look, it’s another paper that’s going down the tubes. They used my name. They do the clown thing. Every week, I’m on with a clown picture,” said Trump.  “Maybe it sells, maybe it doesn’t sell."

Trump then also called out the paper’s owner, saying, “The owner is a guy named Mort Zuckerman, who’s got a total inferiority complex, and he has for years.”

“He’s jealous as hell,” he added.

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