Donald Trump calls Hillary Clinton a 'bigot'

Donald Trump linked his "movement to take back the country" to Britain's surprising vote to leave the European Union. He invited Nigel Farage, an architect of Britain's successful "Brexit" campaign, to join him on stage at a rally Wednesday night in Jackson, Mississippi.

Farage is outgoing head of the United Kingdom Independence Party. He said "anything is possible" if enough people band together, and predicted that Trump's presidential campaign would "smash the establishment."

Farage noted that his movement was an underdog in public opinion polls but triumphed in Britain's June 23 referendum. He predicted that Trump, who supported Britain's departure from the European Union, would stage a comeback and win in November.

Trump called Farage's appearance an honor and said, "The nation's working people will take control again."

Trump later called Hillary Clinton "is a bigot" in his latest outreach to minority voters.

"Hillary Clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future," he said.

Trump also gave a vague preview of his new immigration policy, which is slated to be unveiled next week. He said any immigration policy he supports must pass three tests: It should improve the wages, safety and quality of life for U.S. citizens.