Dogs saved from Puerto Rico now in NYC

The look melts your heart: sad eyes that scream "Take me home." The scratching motion that feels like a wave from dogs that need forever love.

Fox 5 visited some dogs that were part of a massive transport from hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. The Animal Haven shelter currently has 60 dogs; 40 of them are at the SoHo location. This is the third time Animal Haven has taken in dogs stranded during the hurricane.

The situation in Puerto Rico remains dire for humans. Imagine what it is like for the dogs and cats that were all-but-forgotten about in the aftermath. Exactly how many dogs have been rescued from Puerto Rico and how many still need saving is impossible to know.

In SoHo, the dogs come in all shapes and sizes, puppies to adults. Some are well-trained. Others need a family that will work with them.

Some are healthy, with no physical signs of distress. Others are weathered and scared.

Animal Haven Shelter, 200 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013, 212-274-8511,