Dogs rescued from Turkey need forever homes

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Golden retrievers that were abandoned and left to starve in Turkey are getting a new chance at a happy life in the United States. Shelters across the country are flying in the dogs and trying to find them loving homes. Fox 5 visited one of the shelters in West Babylon, Long Island. There we met Blondie, who may look like your average cute golden retriever but he traveled more than 5,000 miles to get here to find a new home.

18 purebred golden retrievers arrived at JFK Airport in search of a forever home. Five of them are now being taken care of here at Aldrich Animal Hospital in West Babylon. Melanie Mayo is the president of Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue, a nonprofit organization. She was inspired to rescue these dogs after hearing about their plight in Turkey. Golden retrievers were once very popular in the country but due to the crisis there and overpopulation, hundreds have now been abandoned.

All of the dogs have their passports, which show they've been vaccinated as well as spayed or neutered. Long Island Veterinary Specialists in Plainview is donating services to those dogs with medical issues.

The beaded necklaces the dogs are wearing were made by their rescuers in Turkey to help bring them good luck. And it looks like they're working.

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