Dogs rescued from Louisiana floods seek forever homes in MN

Three puppies are calling Minnesota home after being rescued not only from the Louisiana floods, but also from neglect and abandonment.  A Louisiana shelter spotted them on the run --- and knew they needed immediate help.

The road to recovery for the threesome was clearly a team effort. A network of transport volunteers picked up the sick pups from Baton Rouge, changed volunteers in Shreveport, took a break in Ola, Ark. and switched up vehicles in Clarksville, Ark. until they were finally in the loving arms of their foster mom Kelly in Inver Grove Heights.

“The dogs were found in the woods, where the floods had been. And they had been without hair obviously for a really long time,” Kelly Boll with B.A.R.K. Animal Rescue told Fox 9.

Boll said the dogs had clearly been abandoned and were on the run.

Boll runs B.A.R.K. Animal Rescue in Minnesota and when she saw Louisiana flood pictures and video, she contacted a shelter in great need. She didn't know much about the pups heading her way, but the pictures were stunning. They had no hair and they looked sad, scared, sunburned and very hungry.

“The mange, it's an immune system disorder, so they didn't get this way overnight,” Boll said. “This wasn't something where they were cared for pets and they turned around and lost all their hair in a day. They clearly had been neglected and not been fed in a very long time.”

But that was then --- this is now.  Just five days in and their hair is already starting to grow back and their personalities have arrived.

Gamble is ready for always ready for action.

“He's the more dominant of the three, he's a very outgoing puppy, loves treats, loves food,” Boll said.

Holton is more low-key, but stands her ground. And Boll says little Avalon is totally chill.

“Avalon is the shy quiet one,” Boll said. “She's the smallest the runt of the litter and she definitely likes to snuggle and likes the quieter home.”

It will be a couple of months before they're ready for their forever homes, but as for Boll, they'll forever have her heart.

“It feels great, because I know it's needed,” Boll said.

The dogs were all medically checked before arriving to Minnesota to make sure they did not have anything contagious. If you'd like to foster, donate or adopt one of the dogs, visit