Dogs fly high at 'Florida West Coast Air Dogs'

In Bradenton, you can find some high-flying dogs.

The Florida West Coast Air Dogs is a training facility where dogs learn the art of dock diving. It's also a club, part of "Ultimate Air Dogs" based out of Jacksonville, Florida.

Dock diving is competitive, and dogs can learn to compete, or just do it for fun at the Bradenton location. The owners have been training dogs for 43 years, and opened a facility in 2013.

Dock diving is a sport that includes a team of a dog and one or two handlers working together in achieving jumping and reaching a far distance. The handler stands on a dock, tosses a toy into a pool and the dog must jump far. There are different games, and they don't always need to catch the toy, they just have to jump the furthest distance.

The owners say any dog can do this, if your dog has "toy drive."

They offer classes here on a regular basis, for beginners just looking for some good exercise for their pup, to experts honing their dog’s skills in preparation for competition.

Florida West Coast Air Dogs
5006 34th Avenue East
Bradenton, FL 34208