Dogs call 911 five times

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It must have been a "ruff" morning for a duo of dogs in Lakeville, Minnesota that called 911 more than a dozen times while their owners were gone, prompting police to respond to their home. 

It turned out the Papillion and the hound are the newest “pawtners in crime.”

“We were dispatched to a 911 hang up call at a residence in Lakeville,” said Officer Michelle Roberts of the Lakeville Police Department.

Officers Roberts and her partner Officer Emily Bares have checked out their share of 911 hang up calls, but not like this.

“It was just kind of weird usually people come to the door, seeing two dogs go hyper is not something I see all the time,” said Officer Bares.

The officers rang the doorbell, walked around the house and were about to clear the call when they learned these pups had been hounding dispatch.

“Shortly after clearing, dispatch advised us they had multiple additional 911 calls and all they could hear in the background was dogs barking,” said Officer Roberts.

And those 911 hang up calls continued - 16 times!  The only suspects were the doggone residents.

Officer Roberts was able to get ahold of the owner and got in the home through the garage.

“Went upstairs to his office to where the cell phone was, it was on his desk, it was on emergency call only, so in theory a dog could’ve called 911, and pushed the phone with its paw,” she said.

Remy and Bomber had apparently taken matters into their own paws.

“Our assumption is the dogs were having a rough day and it was the dogs that were seeking assistance through 911,” she said.

Maybe we’ll never know the reason behind their call and maybe we don’t need to know.

“Anytime we can laugh and talk about dogs calling 911, if that’s the biggest news of our day that’s a good day,” said Officer Roberts.

The owner told FOX 9 he was stunned about all of this and that he couldn’t believe the pups could do something like call 911. But one thing’s for sure, he won't be leaving his phone out again anytime soon.