Dog, owner reunited after car theft

It was a joyful reunion Friday after a traumatic crime. A dog owner is back with his best friend thanks to the kind actions of a Fulton County Animal Services employee.

Thieves stole Carlos Lester’s car, with his beloved dog in the back. Friday, he reunited with Tiny Tiger, who he refers to as TT, and got a chance to thank Tyla Smith for making it all possible.

Lester spent more than 8 hours Thursday night into Friday morning searching the Atlanta streets looking for the pit bull mix after his car was stolen. It happened while he was inside a store on Camp Creek Parkway.

TT either got away or was let out by the crooks. That’s when Smith spotted the stray and got to work. She picked up the pup and the next day Smith brought TT to work, hoping her owner would come. Less than two hours into her wait, he did. 

Lester said police located his car 48 hours after it was stolen. A few things were taken, but he said everything could be replaced, except, of course, for his best friend.