Dog disfigured by wrapped wire is recovering

One pup is getting a new "leash" on life after he was rescued from severe abuse.

In one of the worst cases Helen Woodward Animal Center in California has ever seen, the new arrival was found with his snout wired shut.

Cruel locals in Tijuana had thrown scalding hot water and stones at the dog and beat him with sticks, according to the animal center. His right leg had also been kicked out of its socket, his rescuers said.

The pup was later attacked by two pit bulls, causing major injuries to his head.

The 2-year-old Pointer has now started his recovery. He's been named Dwayne "The Rock," after actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, for his strength to persevere.

Still, there is a long road ahead. 

“He seems to have more old injuries that we are going to have to look into further," Mindy Wright, communications assistant manager at the center, told "It is so tragic and painful to see."

Dwayne is being cared for by a foster parent.

"It is amazing to see that he’s already bonding with the person who is fostering him,” Wright said. "This beautiful dog took all the despicable abuse and neglect man can show to an animal and still he wouldn’t turn on mankind."

Among other treatments, Dwayne will soon undergo facial reconstruction surgery to fix the deformity caused by the wire.

Thankfully, each day he's getting better.