Doctor who survived COVID-19 recommends having a pulse-oximeter on hand

Dr. Paul Frank, a top dermatologist in New York City,  is on the road to recovery after battling coronavirus for 13 days. Four weeks ago, he didn't think someone otherwise healthy could become viciously sick from the virus the way he did.

"At about day seven, I started having very rapid heartbeat," Dr. Frank told 'Good Day New York.' "I had a pulse-oximeter at home. It was going into dangerous levels. I knew I needed emergency care." 

Dr. Frank said he developed difficulty breathing and quickly gave himself oxygen.  

He recommends anyone who is concerned with getting the virus, keep a pulse-oximeter on hand.

"It's very easy to use. This is what tells you if you need to go to the hospital. It tells you your pulse and the amount of oxygen in your blood," said Dr. Frank.

The device which attaches to a finger can be purchased for about $25 and is available on Amazon and at your local pharmacy.

"95-100 is normal. 90-95 shows altered lung function. Under 90 means you need oxygen and emergency care. Unfortunately, during periods of my illness I was in the high 80s and was able to give myself oxygen," said Dr. Frank.

For those people who cannot access a pulse-oximeter, there are other things to help with respiratory issues.

"If anyone in the household has asthma, or gets sinus infections, you should get your doctor to write you a prescription for a nebulizer or those pumps," said Dr. Frank.

Hydration is equally important.

"You are burning through calories. A fever for 12-13 days is very different than a fever for 3-4 days," said Frank.


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