Doctor killed inside hospital in Berlin

 A doctor at a hospital in Germany was shot Tuesday and the suspected gunman killed himself, Reuters reported.

Sky News, citing German police, reported that the incident occurred in the clinic located in the city’s Steglitz district. Police did not issue an official comment.

Reports of the shooting occured the same day top security officials in the country called for tougher security screening of asylum-seekers and also announced that more police officers will be hired following four attacks in the country in the span of a week — two of them claimed by the extremist Islamic State group.

Horst Seehofer, the governor of Bavaria — where three of last week's attacks took place — told the daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung Tuesday: "We must know who is in our country."

Thomas Strobl, the interior minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg, where a woman was killed by a Syrian attacker Sunday, also demanded a tougher stance toward asylum-seekers.

"Those who abuse the right to hospitality must go back to their home countries — make no mistake about it," Strobl told Funke media group.

The Associated Press contributed to this report