Doctor hands out vegetables, recipes to patients

Obesity is a growing epidemic in the U.S. Heart disease, and diabetes are on the rise, too.

While millions are suffering, changing their habits can be hard.

Enter Dr. Joseph Galati, a hepatologist originally from  Long Island, who specializes in caring for patients with liver disease, obesity and nutrition-related disorders. He is also the President of Liver Specialists of Texas.

Dr. Galati recently sat down with Ernie Enastos on the Fox 5 News at 6 and described his experiences with patients suffering from many health challenges and what he's doing to help them.

In a unique type of therapy, Dr. Galati actually sends them on their way from his office with fresh vegetables.

He says he came up with the idea because many of his patients don't know how to eat healthy or know how to change their poor eating habits.

Dr. Galati says giving away things like zucchini and recipe cards actually help patients take that important first step.

The best part -- Dr. Galati says his patients are reacting and it's working.