Do you know all there is to know about Super Bowl halftime shows?

Almost as timeless as the championship game itself, the Super Bowl halftime show has simultaneously served as a needed breather from the epic, athletic storylines taking place on field, and as a spectacle of light and sound for fans across the globe. It’s less intermission and more encore, and boy, is there quite a history behind this musical halftime parade.

Yes, Prince’s halftime performance at Super Bowl XLI was arguably one of, if not THE best, in history. Yes, Left Shark was and is a cultural touchstone who still lives on in the hearts of Super Bowl fans and aquatic aficionados everywhere. No, you most likely will not get all of the answers to this Super Bowl halftime quiz correct.

Take this quiz to find out where your actual Super Bowl halftime knowledge stands. Again, you’re probably not going to get all of them right, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t brag to your friends about which questions you DO get right. And to make sure your halftime knowledge is fully up-to-date, watch Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, Feb. 2 on FOX.

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