Dining with your dog in New York City

The New York Department of Health threw dog owners a bone and made it easier for your four-legged friends to join you for a bite in certain outdoor areas of many New York restaurants. The department relaxed rules that required restaurants to check a dog's license and vaccination records if a person brought their pup in for some chow.

Now, instead of requiring wait staff to inspect a dog's health history, participating restaurants only need to post a warning sign that dogs must be licensed and vaccinated against rabies.

The Barking Dog on 94th Street is a longtime supporter of doggie dining. People's furry friends have been feasting on the patio since the early 1990s. It comes complete with treats, animal artwork -- and yes -- a dog bar. The waiters say the dogs and their people make great customers

The canine diners we talked to love the new rules.

All that hanging out is sure to be a nice treat for man's best friend.