Diner offers free meals for law enforcement

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In the wake of police shootings across the country, one Bay Area restaurant is going above and beyond to tell law enforcement, "thank you." The Auburndale Main Street Diner is offering free meals to officers.

"With the recent activities going on, I just want to show some kind of appreciation to the officers here," explained Lisa Hirakis, owner of the Auburndale Main Street Diner. "It breaks my heart with everything going on; it really does. There's no excuse for it."

Officers with Auburndale police made their way to the diner on Tuesday to enjoy a meal on the house.

"It's nice to have the support to validate that people appreciate us. Sometimes we forget," explained Andy Ray, deputy Cchief of the Auburndale Police Department. "We didn't sign up for the job for people to tell us all the time how good we are, how much they appreciate us, but we don't get that a lot."

Right now, officers can enjoy free meals at the Auburndale Main Street Diner through the end of July. However, Hirakis is considering extending the offer into August.