Diet myths debunked

“I know I should, but I can’t.”  “I know I should detox, but…”  “I have no time or band-with for self-care”  “I have no willpower.”

Those are just some of the myths Good Housekeeping’s Nutrition Director, Jackie London, is doing away with in her brand new book Dressing on the Side (and Other Diet myths Debunked) 11 Science-Based Ways to Eat More, Stress Less, and Feel Great About Your Body.

Start, by reaching for more whole foods.  Jackie says look for foods and products that have real food as the first ingredient.

And try to choose the closest to nature version of food.  Her best example would be something like orange juice versus an orange.

Go with the orange, she says.  She calls it ‘the closest thing to nature as possible’ version of an orange, and skip the juice.

When you’re ordering in or eating out, get what you came for.  If you’re there to specifically eat pizza, get the pizza.  Just order it with double the veggies, Jackie says.

At lunchtime, a whole grain sandwich loaded with veggies is always a better choice than a sad salad with dressing on the side, Jackie says.

Otherwise, you’re just eating crudité for lunch.

Jackie says that’s not going to get you through the day and it’s certainly not going to be something that’s going to set you up to make better choices for the rest of your day.

Be wary of gourmet fruit smoothie bowls.

Jackie says they’re often loaded with more juice than fruit, are very sweet, and are not satisfying for very long.

Plus, they can set you back upwards of 400 calories.  She says you’re better off with yogurt, fruit, and nuts.

When it comes to desert, skip the vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free baked goods that are basically cardboard in favor of single serving real ice cream sandwiches.

Jackie says think about really indulging and having a smaller version of the real thing.

Mini ice cream sandwiches are under 100 calories.  When you need a sweet treat, Jackie says have two!  It’s all about more not less.

If you restrict for long enough, Jackie says, it will ultimately backfire on you and you’ll end up giving in to the siren calls of whatever is in your pantry.