Did Lindsay Lohan convert to Islam?

Photos of actress and Long Island native Lindsay Lohan carrying a copy of the Quran and wearing a head scarf have gone viral in recent weeks, raising speculation that she had converted to Islam.

Over the weekend, that speculation intensified after she deleted all the photos from her Instagram page and added the Arabic phrase: "Alaikum salam" or "peace be on to you."

"It's about time we start recognizing the truth and start doing something," said Lohan back in October to a Turkish reporter about Turkey and Islam.

The actress, who has had several run-ins with the law, says her close Saudi friends in London gave her a copy of the Quran.

Speaking during the interview, at times with a noticeable accent, Lohan said "she was going through a lot" in America over the past 10 years.

"I brought it to New York because I was learning. It opened doors for me to experience, spiritually, to find another true meaning. This is who I am. This is just me holding it, walking with it and they crucified me for it in America. They made me seem like Satan. I was a bad person for holding that Quran. I was so happy to leave and go back to London. I felt so unsafe in my own country. This is my belief. If this is something I want to learn, this is my own oma," said Lohan.

She also talks about a woman in Turkey who offered her head scarf after she complimented the stranger for its colors.

"It scares me that people are going to talk about the head scarf and that's all," said Lohan.