Designer of vibrant park bench in Brooklyn rallies support to keep it in place

A park bench with vibrant colors sitting outside local businesses is the centerpiece of conversation and a little controversy in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.

Some community members praise the design and the added convenience the bench brings, along with adding a much-needed pop of color to the city's streets.

"It’s pretty great, there’s not a lot of public seating around in this neighborhood, so there’s not a lot of places to chill," said one neighbor. 

Over 50 community members were a part of bringing Michael Comb’s vision for the park bench to fruition.

But not everyone is happy with what they see.

"The Department of Transportation issued a violation saying we have 30 days to remove it or fines begin," Combs explained.  

The Department never confirmed the violation per FOX 5 NY's request, but we’re told complaints stemmed from fears the bench could be a magnet for the homeless and pose safety threats to children.

The latter complaint sprang Combs into action quickly. In an effort to make it safer, the bench's designer used his 3-year-old son’s shoe size as a reference to create better safeguards.

"I installed these little blue blocks in between the largest gap of the rungs, and I spaced it out every six inches about approximately his foot size," Combs shared. 

The Department of Transportation got back with us concerning the violation saying: 

"DOT rescinded the encroachment violation to the building owner because it wasn’t the owner who installed the bench. We will reach out to the Flatbush Development Corporation and work with them to determine if the bench can be approved by the city to remain in place"