Deported sex offender caught back in United States

A Mexican man who served sentences for kidnapping and child molestation has been caught back in the United States.

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents arrested the previously deported man sneaking back into the country Monday afternoon approximately 11 miles west of the Calexico Port of Entry in California.  The man was arrested and transported to the El Centro station to confirm his identity and evaluate his criminal and immigration history.

Agents were able to identify the man as, Jose C. Gomez, a 63-year-old Mexican national. Agents also discovered that he is a convicted sex offender. 

Gomez was convicted in Georgia in 2007 for felony child molestation, and was subsequently sentenced to five years in prison.  Gomez was deported in February of 2011 after serving his sentence.

Gomez also served two years in prison in Virginia for felony abduction and kidnapping conviction in 1999, according to the border patrol agency.

Gomez is being held in federal custody pending prosecution for re-entry after deportation.

In fiscal year 2019, El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents say they have arrested seven convicted sex offenders attempting to enter the United States illegally.