Denver Zoo has a new addition: a two-toed sloth baby

The Denver Zoo has welcomed a baby sloth into the world.

The bundle of joy is a Linne's two-toed- sloth, whose name and sex has not been determined. He or she was born Thursday to the zoo’s 23-year-old female sloth, Charlotte, and her 28-year-old mate, Elliot. Zoo workers said the baby has been deemed “very healthy” by the veterinary team.

They said it is bonding with its parents and older sister, Ruth, who was born in January 2018. The newborn is resting with Charlotte inside the Bird World habitat. Meanwhile, Elliot and Ruth are off-exhibit to give the mom and child some space to bond.

Guests of Denver Zoo can see Charlotte and the baby sloth in their habitat, but “should note that a clear view of the baby might be impaired by foliage or Charlotte’s tight embrace.”