Delwyn Collins is "Santa" to many children

Christmas is a time for family and friends and of course gifts, but for Delwyn Collins it means so much more.

His unique act of giving to children is "What's Right With Tampa Bay."

"Santa" and his helpers worked through the early morning mist to bring joy to Tampa Bay's foster children.

"Santa" is Delwyn Collins, a familiar presence in our community for 27 years. Delwyn prepares for an entire year just so foster children can have a Merry Christmas.  

"He's great, he does so much for us and he does it every year," said Steve Dilfts from the Hillsborough County Foster Angel Program.

Delwyn is a gentle giant, a humble man of modest means who is a dishwasher in the kitchen at Tampa General Hospital. He also works odd jobs to help fund his Christmas present buying sprees.

"I get a thrill doing what I am doing every year," Delwyn said.

He and other TGH employees provide hundreds of toys every year for this very special delivery.

"For me I'm here to do a job. My job is to make sure these kids get something for the holiday," Delwyn said.

Earlier this year Delwyn suffered a heart attack, but his health setback hasn't stopped him from his mission to help others.

"Inside I might be weak, but the outside says push on," Delwyn said.

Foster children put their wish lists on angels, which are then hung on the hospital's Christmas tree.  Delwyn and the hospital staff then go about making their wishes come true.

"He gets so excited," said Linda Attkisson who works with Delwyn at the hospital.  "Every time he puts together a gift for somebody, uh this kids is going to be so thrilled."

"This is all about the kids, not me," Delwyn said.

Santa and his helpers working to fulfill the dreams of children can inspire us all!