Delectable dumplings from East Wind Snack Shop | The Dish

Chef Chris Cheung's East Wind Snack Shop in Windsor Terrace pays tribute to his childhood in Chinatown.

He grew up in his grandmother's home on Mott Street. Chris said she would cook on a small four-burner stove. And now at East Wind, he does a lot of the cooking on something similar.

Chris's specialty is dumplings—fresh, delicious dumplings, just like the kind he ate as a kid. East Wind makes the dumplings from scratch every morning.

One of his favorites to make— shrimp ha gaw—brings him right back to his roots. It is made with hand-chopped shrimp and some bamboo shoots.

Another favorite is the aged beef potstickers, which are made with ground dry-aged steak.

And vegetarians will love the shanghai vegetable dumplings topped with ginger-scallion dressing and a crunchy mix of sesame seeds and fried garlic.

His dishes are an amazing tribute to his Chinatown upbringing and his grandma's influence. Chris said he hopes his grandmother would be proud of him.