DeKalb County teacher charged with child molestation fights for job

A DeKalb County middle school teacher facing child molestation charges is fighting to keep his job.

Xavier Sanders, a math teacher at Bethune Middle, was arrested November 28 after police found him at a park with a 13-year-old girl back in August. According to police, the two were found inside a vehicle and looked "suspicious."

Sanders was expected to appear at a tribunal hearing Thursday morning at the DeKalb County School Board headquarters to make a case on why he should keep his job, but he didn't make an appearance. His attorney was there on his behalf.

At the hearing, the officer who found Sanders and the teen said the two looked like they were in the middle of a sexual act or about to have one. Sanders told the officer the girl, described as an eighth grade student, reached out to him and that he was offering her guidance. Investigators said when questioned, Sanders told police he only knew the girl by her first name.

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The 13-year-old, who originally stated she was 30, was taken to a juvenile detention center. Once police learned she was only 13, criminal charges followed. 

Sanders is facing several charges, including child molestation and enticing a minor for indecent purposes. He's out of jail on a 50,000 bond.

The principal at Bethune Middle School said he wants Sanders fired, stating educators are supposed to be protectors, not violators.

In the next few weeks, DeKalb County Schools will make a decision as to whether Sanders will be terminated.