Deconstructing a latte

Coffee lovers you may love it or hate, but deconstructing your cup of Joe is now a thing. Basically it is a latte broken down to its core elements.

Coffee Project New York in the East Village opened up nine months ago. Kaleena and Chisum, both coffee lovers, were taken back from what they saw at a coffee festival in Seattle. The deconstruction latte in three glasses: one contains milk, one contains coffee, and the other is a traditional latte.

The concept can be confusing and have some people blowing steam. It happened in Australia when a woman took to social media and complained about the deconstructed coffee she was served saying: "Hipsterism has gone too far... I wanted a coffee. Not a science experiment."

But that is not the case here at home. Those who didn't even know deconstructing coffee was possible gave it a try.