Debate over Westchester County Airport's future underway

More than 100 residents and business owners in Westchester County came to a public forum at Manhattanville College on Thursday to voice their concerns over a plan to upgrade the Westchester County Airport.

The plan to re-imagine the airport was put on hold during the pandemic, but officials are pushing ahead with plans to improve the facility, but those living nearby fear that will mean more congestion and noise pollution. 

"[The planes] are very loud and sometimes they come every 2-3 minutes it seems," said Jeff Nagelberg, who lives in Purchase, directly in the landing flight path of the airport. 

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The airport's master plan would upgrade the nearly 80-year-old terminal to fulfill FAA requirements and potentially bring in new carriers and longer routes that go beyond New York to Florida.

However, County Executive George Latimer has said that he wants public input before he greenlights any upgrade.

Many of the forum's attendees said they were against the expansion of the airport, which some claimed would turn the airport into "LaGuardia North."

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Others said the upgrades would make it a convenient alternative to New York City's major airports. 

Latimer said that the number of flights and people coming through the terminal is staying capped for now.