'Dear Fat People' comedian shut down

YouTube star and comedian Nicole Arbour may have taken her recent comedy a bit too far. In a post to her YouTube channel titled 'Dear Fat People,' Arbour pokes fun at the "35 percent of Americans who are obese." YouTube suspended her account, but later reinstated it. "Fat shaming is not a thing. That's like a race card without a race. No, that means you are too fat," said Arbour.


"If this is somebody with a specific health condition this isn't about you. Shame people who have bad habits. You are killing yourself. Obesity is a disease, so is being a shopaholic," said Arbour.

The comedian took to Twitter to defend herself, after she was slammed online about being offensive and hateful.

"The reason there's an issue is because I don't "look" like a traditional comedian.  If I were a guy, people would have lol'd n moved on," said Arbour.


Comedian and talk show host Wendy Williams weighed in on Arbour's video. "You are allowed to talk about how heavy somebody is. Yes, fat people, we can get it, too," said Williams. "I'm not incensed by that. But it is kind of insensitive."