De Blasio under pressure amid federal probe

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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio (FILE/ FOX 5 NY)

Both the Saturday and Sunday additions of the NY Post were loud. They spoke of scandal and put Mayor De Blasio in the middle of a federal investigation.

The mayor had four events on Sunday, including the Greek Independence Day Parade, but had no comment at any of those events.

He did appear on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday morning with Chuck Todd, who put him on the spot.

“Was any money from your non-profit from your Campaign One New York?” Todd asked.

“No. A.totally different, separate entity worked on those issues" The Mayor said.

It's a web that includes the police, businessmen, the Mayor, his non-profits and now, the feds.

According to the New York Post, when investigators looked into questionable behavior between 2 businessmen and some of the NYPD, their was a line that lead to De Blasio. 

One of the men, Jona Rechnitz, gave a max donation of $9,900 to De Blasio's political campaign and $50,000 to his non-profit Campaign for One New York.

Michael Goodwin wrote the following in the New York Post:

"Ultimately, the issue is what, if any, favors the donors got in exchange for their cash. Were there illegal quid pro quos? That's what the feds want to know. "