De Blasio calls Weiner scandal 'sad'; slams Trump's 'bigotry'

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is not holding back against Donald Trump. He has repeatedly called Trump a "racist." He also told Fox 5 that he blames Trump for the nastiness in the 2016 campaign, with both candidates throwing increasingly negative and racially charged attacks against each other.

Trump has called Hillary Clinton a bigot. De Blasio said bigotry is in Trump's speeches, so it is unfair of him to throw that charge at Clinton.

The comments followed his first press conference in 12 days. De Blasio reacted for the first time to news of yet another sexting scandal from his former rival Anthony Weiner. The mayor said the "whole thing is incredibly sad" and that he feels for Weiner and his now-estranged wife, Huma Abedin. The mayor wouldn't say whether or not he thinks child protective services should investigate Weiner in light of the photo showing him in bed with his son. But he thinks the failed mayoral candidate shouldn't be considering another run.

The mayor also brushed off any questions of improper behavior in light of recent reports about certain lobbyists being granted favors by his administration.

Finally, de Blasio also laughed off being booed at the U.S. Open Monday night. He called it an age-old tradition.