David Blaine shot as stunt goes wrong

David Blaine is known for his crazy stunts, but one of his recent acts went completely wrong.

According to the NY Post, the magician performed on his show ‘Beyond Magic’ that aired on E4 Thursday night when he performed his headlining act, the ‘Bullet Catch.’

In Blaine’s main act, which he has practiced since 2010, he pulls the trigger of a gun on himself with a rope while wearing a bullet-proof vest.  

He also has a special gum shield to hold a metal cup, where Blaine would catch the bullet.

However during his most recent instance, the cup slipped in and out of the grooves of the mouth guard, and when Blaine shot the gun, the gum shield shattered.

Blaine was left with a lacerated throat.

Although this act nearly killed him, Blaine reportedly said that he plans to do this trick during his upcoming tour.