DA: Shooting escapees Matt and Sweat was justified

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ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- A prosecutor has concluded the shootings of two escaped killers in northern New York by their pursuers were justified.

Franklin County Acting District Attorney Glenn MacNeill says there was "a very real concern" in the 1,000-personnel three-week manhunt that Richard Matt and David Sweat could be armed.

MacNeill says Thursday evidence showed they broke into several Adirondack camps, a shotgun was missing and they could have found other guns.

He says a border patrol tactical team found Matt lying by a log on June 26, he ignored commands to show his hands and instead pointed a shotgun at agent Christopher Voss, who then fatally shot Matt.

MacNeill says state police Sgt. Jay Cook saw Sweat, who ran, ignoring commands to stop and warnings he'd be shot if he didn't.