DA: Postal worker stole dozens of credit cards

Naquan Wilson was supposed to deliver the mail but instead, he was stealing it, according to prosecutors. Now the 28-year-old faces felony charges of criminal possession of stolen property, forgery, and theft.

Wilson has worked for the United States Postal Service for four years but over the past six to eight months he took at least 30 credit cards from people's mail, investigators said.

Diane Peress, the chief of the Nassau District Attorney's Economic Crimes Bureau, said that some residents of Garden City who were expecting credit cards in the mail never received them and then noticed massive charges on the accounts.

Wilson used bitcoins to buy information on the dark web about the credit card holders so he could activate the cards, Peress said.

His girlfriend, Shantavia Davis, is also charged. Officials said they would buy and then sell luxury goods. The pair did a lot of the shopping at the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey where Wilson made a name for himself, investigators said.

"He would have a bunch of the credit cards in his sock and he'd pull them out of his sock," Peress said. "They knew him as 'Sock Guy' because he'd 'Try this card, no try that card.'"

No one from the family who was in court on Wednesday would comment.

Wilson and Davis pleaded not guilty in court in Hempstead on Wednesday. If convicted, they face a maximum of 15 years and 7 years, respectively.

Investigators ask anyone in the Garden City area who didn't receive an expected credit card and noticed suspicious charges to call the Economic Crimes Bureau at 516-571-2149.