Cuomo pushing to move up NY's primary Election Day

At the annual Labor Day parade on Saturday, Governor Andrew Cuomo doubled down on his push to move up the state’s primary Election Day from April to February, hoping for a larger voter turnout by combining the presidential, congressional and state elections.

“We have a presidential primary in April, and then a second primary in June just two months later for congressional offices and state offices. I think those two elections should be combined, we want people to vote, we want to make it easier, not harder,” Cuomo said.

However, Cuomo’s idea isn’t sitting well with the Democratic National Committee, who says that moving up the primary would violate the DNC timing rules which could come with consequences.

However, the plan does have supporters, including among Democrats on Long Island, where representatives say that their constituents work long hours during the day and a one-day primary day could only benefit them and help voting numbers. 

“People are very busy with their own lives,” said state Senator Anna Kaplan. “They have jobs, they have their children, their families. To make that easier, to go in one shot, to vote in the primary would be a lot more helpful.”

With 15 other states also combining their primary, Cuomo says that the decision is now in the hands of the legislature.