Cuomo-de Blasio feud alive and well

Mayor Bill de Blasio believes Gov. Andrew Cuomo is out to get him. The latest in their ongoing feud is a memo that was leaked in April from the State Board of Elections accusing the mayor of knowingly violating fundraising rules in 2014.  

The mayor's actions are currently the focus of investigations by the U.S Attorney's Office in New York and the Manhattan District Attorney's Office.

The mayor has said the governor was behind the leak.

A probe by the inspector general with the State Board of Elections found the memo was not leaked by the governor's administration. Instead, it was leaked by the spokesman for the Board of Elections, who is a republican.
This week, the governor said the mayor should apologize to him for his accusations. The mayor said no. In an interview on NY1, he doubled down on that.

On Long island Friday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo addressed the issue when asked by reporters. He said the mayor has been proven wrong and should apologize.

Robert Zimmerman is a Democratic National committeeman from New York. He said de Blasio owes Cuomo an apology. He also said the public may not be interested in the tit for tat that goes on between the governor and the mayor. But the public is interested in the policies they debate.