Crystal, Minn. public works crew finds 5 kittens in sealed box

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A public works crew conducting routine maintenance in Becker Park in Crystal, Minn. came across a fully-sealed cardboard box on Thursday. Inside the box: 5 kittens.

Public works got in touch with an animal control officer, who brought the kittens to rescue shelter. The city of Crystal has no involvement in the potential adoption of the kittens, but would like anyone with information to contact police at 763-531-1014 or on Facebook. Police said this is at the very least a misdemeanor-level offense.

Facebook post from Crystal Police Dept.

We get it - sometimes stuff happens that is outside of a person's control. In this case, we're guessing somebody's cat took off for a night on the town. Unbeknownst to them, mistakes may have been made by that cat.

A little over two months later, that cat may have presented its owner(s) with a bit of a surprise, in the form of the five kittens you see here. Instead of responding like we would expect a responsible adult to respond - by attempting to find loving homes for the kittens - MORE mistakes were made...

Cut to yesterday. Picture our Public Works employees taking a walk through Becker Park and conducting routine maintenance, when they happened upon a fully sealed box. I'm assuming at least one of them made a "What's in the box?" joke in their best Brad Pitt voice.

I have an evidence room full of boxes. They don't normally meow. Or ever, for that matter. This box did.