Cruise passengers set sail with hopes of picking up a tan, not a virus

Just a day after the government warned against taking cruises because of the COVID-19 coronavirus, passengers boarded the Carnival Paradise in Tampa, bound for the Caribbean. 

"I’m an elementary school teacher, so we’re prone to washing our hands all the time anyway," laughed passenger Lauren Harrington. "We bought Lysol wipes and Germ-X."

Workers at the port told us the number of passengers appeared to be about normal for the sailing of the Paradise. Many we talked with were college students on spring break.

"I’m not scared about getting sick," said University of Tampa student Katie Conroy. "I think I’m getting more scared about being quarantined at sea."

Several cruise lines, including Carnival, are relaxing rules on rescheduling cruises.

"A lot of cruise lines are waving their rebooking fees," said Mark Jenkins, a spokesman for AAA. "Some people are rescheduling them for the summertime, in the fall, or this time next year."

Carnival rewarded passengers who didn’t reschedule their cruises with $100 to $200 worth of drinks or services per cabin. 

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