Crowd with water guns forces cop into cruiser

A neighborhood initiative to end gun violence by replacing the real things with water guns appeared to have gotten out of hand in Atlanta.

The incident last month was reportedly part of the #GunsDownWaterGunsUp movement​​​​​​.

A large crowd of people with water guns descended on a police officer outside of his cruiser. Another officer remained in the driver's seat.

The crowd gets so close that the officer is forced to retreat inside.

One man pours a gallon jug of water onto the officer as he struggles to close the side door.

The officer then gets out and the crowd disperses.

People can be heard laughing as the car's sirens start blaring.

The Sergeants Benevolent Association in New York re-tweeted the video on Wednesday after posting a video of two female NYPD officers being doused with water in the Bronx.

There have been a string of similar incidents in NYC.