Crooks take jewelry, urn containing ashes

An Ocala family says someone broke into their home over the weekend and stole an urn with remains inside.

“It’s navy blue with gold engravings on it,” said Jenny Lorenzetti, describing she urn.

She says her mother-in-law’s ashes were held inside.

“When my husband was in medical school she passed away very unexpectedly,” Lorenzetti said. “He was very close with his mom, I was close with his mom.”

Police say the break in happened Sunday when no one was home on SE 18th Avenue. The family says they used a crow bar to get a locked window open.

“I was at a friend’s house for a barbecue and came home and was getting ready for bed and noticed a bunch of my earrings were gone from my tray,” Lorenzetti told FOX 35.

In total, investigators say the burglar or burglars got away with more than $30,000 in jewelry, including Rolex watches. The family says those things can all be replaced but the urn cannot.

“Why? Just imagined if that happened to you,” Lorenzetti said. “It’s not a good feeling. I’m sure you wouldn’t want something like that taken from you.”

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call Ocala Police.