Credit card fees can weigh on your finances

All credit cards are not created equal, especially if you're concerned about fees. 

Matt Schulz, senior industry analyst at, says the number of fees per card can run anywhere from zero to 12, so it pays to do your research. recently analyzed 100 of the most popular credit cards out there and found that most cards have late payment fees and cash advance fees, but few have annual fees anymore.

Schulz says if you do have a card with an annual fee, be sure that it comes with great rewards or perks that offset the yearly cost of having the card.

If you want to avoid extra payments all together, found one card that won't charge you a thing: the Pentagon Federal Credit Union Promise Visa Card. And, Schulz says, there's no catch here. Even if you're late with a payment, the PenFed Promise Visa won't charge you. Schulz says that's rare.

If you're looking for a card for your business, the Spark cards from Capital One are among the best choices, charging an average of just three fees per card.

But be sure to look at the fine print before taking out a First Premier Bank Credit Card. First Premier topped's list of cards with the most potential fees. The First Premier Bank Credit Card and First Premier Bank Secured MasterCard have 12 fees apiece. Schulz says they're proof positive why you need to read all terms and conditions before signing up for a credit card.

But, he adds, some fees are worth paying. Certain airline or travel credit cards charge annual fees, but offer great perks like free checked bags, extra miles, or access to airport lounges, which can outweigh the annual cost for frequent travelers.