Crazy video shows man darting in between traffic on Arizona freeway as he fled from police

On Jan. 31, we received a shocking video showing some harrowing moments along the I-10 in the West Valley.

The video, which was taken by a dashcam, shows a person darting in between six lanes of traffic on the busy freeway, narrowly missing two semi trucks.

The incident reportedly happened near the I-10 and 83rd Avenue. Fortunately, the man was not injured.

"Thank god for professionally trained drivers. There were a lot of commercial trucks on that freeway. You didn’t see them overreact, slam on their brakes, hit another vehicle because somebody was trying to run across lanes of traffic, which is something an untrained driver might have done is try to swerve and over correct, and it could have been a horrific accident," said Tony Bradley, President and CEO of the Arizona Trucking Association.

It was something nobody expects to encounter while driving along the freeway.

"They don’t realize they are putting other people in jeopardy," said Bradley. "They are putting other people at risk."

Bradley says he has seen some pretty close calls before, but nothing quite like this.

"I was just astounded by the video. Thank goodness everyone is OK, and I didn’t get this call of we were in this horrific accident because somebody was on the freeway, jumping in between lanes," said Bradley.

Bradley says the video serves as a good lesson for not just truck drivers but everyone hitting our roads: to always remain vigilant and never get distracted.

"You can fix stupid, and when somebody is out there, running on a freeway, that is a really hard thing to train," said Bradley. "You just have to make sure that they are trained in instincts that are being calm and not overreacting kick in."

DPS released more details on the incident


Joseph Belton

On Feb. 2, officials with the Arizona Department of Public Safety released new details on what happened.

According to a statement released by Bart Graves, the man, identified as 24-year-old Joseph Belton, was fleeing from Tolleson Police Department officers when he ran across the I-10.

Belton, according to Graves, had a felony warrant, and was later arrested and booked on several alleged offenses. The statement did not elaborate of the alleged offenses Belton was booked on.

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