Crackdown on private trash trucks in New York City

From faulty breaks, leaking fuel lines and even no lights, the city warns that private trash trucks are a menace on the streets of New York City.  Some even ignore red lights and drive the wrong way down streets.

In response, the NYPD announced a citywide crackdown on what they call dangerous trucks.  Police say that during recent spot inspections, every truck they stopped had multiple violations.

The crackdown includes adding more teams of inspectors on the streets overnight.  Also, police officers are being told to write and issue summonses for traffic and equipment violations that are common with private trash trucks.

"In the middle of the night, trash trucks seemingly roll around with impunity," Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill said. "Drivers can now expect to see the NYPD out in full force, insuring that these companies and their truck operators adhere to the letter of the law."

Just before 10 p.m. Monday night, a private sanitation truck heading south on 5th Avenue hit a cyclist near 47th Street.  The cyclist is expected to survive but there have been several fatal accidents recently involving the private trash carriers.

In August, an Australian tourist was killed by a private garbage truck near Central Park.  In September, a cyclist was hit and killed by a private garbage truck in Brooklyn.

The NYPD says there have been 20 deaths in the city since 2016 connected to private trash trucks and 50 deaths in the past 5 years.

If trucks are deemed unsafe during the week long crackdown they could be deemed "out of service" or even towed away right on the spot.