Coyotes attack dogs in Westchester County

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A coyote danger lurks that's already claimed the lives of several beloved pets in the scenic Westchester County town of New Castle.   A 38-pound dog was also killed by a coyote recently while playing in its own yard in Chappaqua.

New Castle Police Chief Charles Ferry says the dog had been doing that for over a decade without any problem until now. Police have now issued an advisory warning residents that coyotes could kill your dog, cat, or worse -- your child.

Police are also handing out fliers warning people about aggressive coyotes. Cops aren't sure if there is an increase in coyotes or simply more awareness thanks to social media.

They recommend that pets never be left alone outside because of the danger.   They also say any fence that is not at least six feet tall is not going to keep a coyote away.

Reports of aggressive behavior or unusual sightings should be made to the New Castle Police Department at 238-4422. Call 911 in an emergency.

Residents can post individual, non-aggressive sightings online and view a map showing reported sightings for the past 6 months. A link to map is provided below. Questions concerning coyotes in New Castle can be emailed to

Coyote Sighting Form and Map: