Couple provides hospice care for homeless dogs

Southampton, New Jersey couple Michele and Jeff Allen started an in-home dog hospice called "Monkey's Place."

"We pull dogs from kill shelters,"  Michele Allen says.  "We have dogs transfered in from other rescues...dogs that don't have a person but are at the end of their life come here for the love and care that they need."

At any time, over 20 dogs are provided love, medical care and peace at the time they need it most.

Some have heart disease.  Others have cancer.  Some are blind.

The name of their in-home shelter came from a dog named Monkey that they lost in 2015.

Michele Allen is a former nurse and she said she knew she had what it takes to care for these animals.

The couple lives on a six-acre farm in Burlington County.

Monkey's House is run completely off of donations and volunteers.  For more info visit